The Ripon Hornblower

The Wakeman of Ripon

The history of  George Pickles the Ripon Hornblower from 2003 to 2015.   


Born, brought up, educated and worked in the Dewsbury/Spen Valley area of the West Riding of Yorkshire. After 50 years in the Precision Machine Tool Engineering Industry, 30 of those years in Senior Management, retired to Ripon with my wife Lilian in 2002. Appointed RIPON Hornblower in 2003.

Along the way I was always involved in committee work relating to charity, fund raising and other good causes. I also served on Industial/Engineering Bodies and Associations. All with the full support of Lilian and our family.

Involvements and recognitions along the way -

Completed Indentured Machine Tool Engineering qualification - 1958.

Served RAF Fighter Command- Fight Mechanic- Meteor Squadron 1956-58

Finalised studies of Mechanical Engineering at Batley Technical College - 1959

Sales Manager Eltherington Machine Tools Ltd. - 1965

General Manager Garner Machine Tools - 1968

Managing Director George Pickles and Company - 1971

Fellow of the Institute of Sales Engineers - 1974

Honary Life Vice President Association of Engineering Management - 1977

Fellow of the Institute of Sales Management - 1979

Active Member of the Royal Airforces Association since 1980

Managing Director Woodcock and Booths Ltd - 1981

Managing Director PEMMSA Machine Tools - 1985

Active Member of the National Service Veterans Alliance since 1997

Retired to Ripon seeking a life in the Dales and thoroughly enjoyng life. 2002.

Appointed to the post of Ripon Hornblower - 2003 and served until 2015

Winner of Jewel of Ripon award for services to Tourism - 2009

Overall Winner of Jewel of Ripon award for Services to the Community - 2009

Appointed Governor of Ripon College -2009

Elected Councillor representing Ripon at Harrogate Borough District Council Level - 2011

Granted YORKSHIRE PATRON status by Tourist Agency Welcome to Yorkshire - 2014

Received Citizenship Award from Ripon City Council for Services as Hornblower - 2015  



Publications -

The Amateurs Machine Tool Guide (Technical) - 1998

At Your Majesty's Disposal (Terrorist novel based on fact) - 2002

The greatest achievement in life for me and Lilian is the pride and joy our son Stephen, and daughters Karen and Helen have brought us in the success they are all making of their lives mainly through their own efforts and standards, and together with their spouses the sheer joy of the three Grandsons and a beautifull Grandaughter, they have brought into our life and created a wider family we are so very proud of. I am indeed a very fortunate man. 


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